A History of our Home

The other day Abe's grandmother Ethel (our next door neighbor) came over to give me this article she saved from the local paper printed in 1992.  It's a picture of her and Harris (Abe's grandfather) in front of our home with a full history of our house!  It was so exciting!  I'm so excited to get it framed and hung for all to read it.  It was built in 1910 for Abe's great-great uncle and has stayed in the family all it's life minus a few short years in the '40's.  Harris and Ethel remodeled the house in 1951 into 3 apartments.  Then we bought it in 2007 and changed it back to a single family home.  We are still remodeling, the upstairs is totally unfinished, but it's getting there and we love our house soooo sooo much!  So this newspaper article was such a treat to have!

Thank you Harris and Ethel for all your hard work and generosity in making this beautiful house our home!  We love you!

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