where has my summer gone?

Wow!  Life has been SUPER busy!  Why is summer always so darn busy??  Isn't it the time to relax on a hammock with a glass of pink lemonade and a bowl of fresh strawberries?  Where are the lazy days of summer that I so long for?

I had made plans with my dearest friend, Annie, to ride the train down with Noah and meet her at The Gateway in downtown SLC periodically so that our kids could run through the fountain and we could have much needed friend time. 
 Well, much needed friend time opportunities have whizzed right past me and now it seems that our "much needed" time has turned into "desperately needed" time. 
I miss my tall, skinny friend.  I love her so.
She always loves me no matter how bad I screw up.  She is silly and funny and the sweetest person I know.

Here is my dearest friend pictured with me on my wedding day in 2007:
I miss you, Lez!

At least with all the busy days, I've had a bit of productive time.
We are introducing some of our newest Print Sets to be available in the shop in the upcoming days!
I've had SO MANY requests for these prints at print-set prices, so we just had to oblige!

I will be introducing the sets as soon as we can make them available to purchase.


another boutique!

So I mentioned in my previous post that I'd give you more info about the

And it's not just "Pickled" stuff, there's LOTS of amazing vendors selling there!

You can go to Sassy's blog HERE to see a small sampling.

Here are the details:

click HERE for directions
(house is actually about 1,000 feet west of the point on the map)

So come by and do some shopping! 
(Only 4 1/2 months until Christmas!  Eeek!)
Should be super fun, I can't wait to do some shopping myself!
And some cupcake eating...  that's reason enough!
Hope to see you there!


{ yard sale and boutique(s) }

We are having a
yard sale and a mini boutique
at our home

I'm super excited to pass on a lot of fun stuff!  We have a bunch of great stuff that's difficult to part with, but if it's been in storage for a year (or more), then it is time.
We just hope it can all go to happy new homes!


The boutique part will, of course, have my art prints and various handmade paper goods along with some so fun shelves and such from Abe's woodshop!
We will also have a

& sweets stand

So come on over if you're in the area! 
It will be held tomorrow

Saturday, July 17th
8am and go until 1pm
(or later if things are still moving)
We're in Layton
on Antelope Drive a mile or so east of Hill Field Road.

And speaking of boutiques...

We are now featuring my prints, some paper goods and shelves in a brand new permenant boutique up in Logan, UT called
Violet Hill
755 North Main
Logan, UT 84321
1pm-8pm Tues-Fri
10am-7pm Saturday
Darling Alex and Courtney have put together such an amazing assortment of consigners, you just have to see it!
Grand opening is also tomorrow July 17th

And yet another boutique
The Sassy Cupcake
 will be featuring the same affore mentioned goods of ours in South Weber next week!
Here is their blog.
(more details to come)

So lot's of exciting stuff happening!
Please swing by our yard sale / boutique!
Even if it's just to say hello!
We'd love to see you!


noah cuteness

I know I say it all the time, but being a mom is the BEST!  I love it so much!  No matter if it's a good day or a bad day, Noah makes me smile, melt, laugh, feel wonderful, etc. at the very least once a day.  But it's usually a LOT more than just once.  It's so fun to be his mom!

I love when he concentrates.

He gets so into his games sometimes, it's adorable.

I love how he plays.

Today he walked around with this pirate patch on all morning and every time he saw me, he'd say"Aaaarrrrggg!"

I love how much he laughs.

He thought he was so funny drinking his milk out of a fry sauce cup at a local fast food joint.

Lately he's been talking so much more and really putting sentences together.
This morning as he wandered around with his pirate patch on, he'd say,
"Momma....  where aaarrre yoooouuu?"
Then he would giggle.

He has his own little language for things, which is really an entire post all to itself (stay tuned for that).
But one of my favorite examples would have to be
"owie barf".
It took me a good long time to figure out what he was saying.  Turns out that
owie barf = granola bar.
Seriously??  Hilarious.

I love this kid.


4th of july fun

I suppose it's about time I did a post about our Independence Day celebrations.  We did SOOOO much, yet I have soooo few pictures.  It's truly disappointing.  The weather cooled WAY down for the weekend which was just wonderful!  Was in the low to mid 80's with a lovely light breeze.  Perfect! 
We partied with friends on Saturday afternoon into the night.  It was full of games and kiddie pools and yummy food and good conversation and a neighborhood worth of fireworks! 
Then on Sunday we enjoyed dinner al fresco at my inlaws. 
Then Monday morning we ran the Layton City 5k with family, ran home and showered in time to return to the center of town for the Layton City parade.  It's kind of a silly little parade, but Noah loved it.  Here are some photo's of that:

This is our little spot on the side of the road.  Again, it was perfect weather!  Certainly hot, but not too hot to sit in the sun and watch a silly parade.
I know that Noah doesn't look thrilled.  But once the candy started getting thrown, he was plenty happy!

He LOVED the firetrucks!

This cool old tractor was fun!  Click on the photo to enlarge and see what the sign says!

This here is why I love silly hometown parades! 
Just an old guy on his lawnmower with a little trailor all decked out in red, white and blue!  Love it!

Noah loved the pretty horses!

We did too until they ALL decided to unload right in front of us!
And then these guys were our parade heroes:
I supposed they anticipated a LOT of horse poop to bring out the tractor...??
They got the BIGGEST cheers from the crowd.

That about sums up my pictures, but we had more dinner al fresco at the inlaws with more family.
Then we headed down to the park for the fireworks. 
Noah loved it!  It's so fun now that he's old enough to enjoy stuff like this.  He kept yelling out the colors and saying "again!".  We had a great weekend.
Abe and I both have July 4th at the top of our holiday lists. 
It's great because it's summer, it's picnics, it's fireworks, it's family and above all, we feel very blessed to live in such an amazing country!