new prints

It's about time I put some fresh, new prints in the shop!
I've actually had these paintings done, and hanging in my living room, for a LONG time.  It just took me a while to get them scanned and color corrected to print for the shop.

So here they are in no particular order:

Sweet Cityscape
What a pleasant city neighborhood to enjoy!

Hazel has Balloons
Meet Hazel. She is kind and sweet and wants to surprise her best friend with this colorful bunch of balloons! Hold on tight, Hazel!

Birdies on the Fence
This group of feathered friends gathers on this old farm fence to chat, gossip and catch up with the goings on in each of their birdie lives.

Yay for new paintings!
You can purchase them NOW in the shop!


Lola turns 1

My little Lola is

March 20, 2012

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by!
Lola is such a sweet little girl.  She is very laid back and calm, unless.... she gets annoyed by something.  And then you'd better watch out, because she's very strong!

 Lola wasn't super into getting her pictures taken.  But we managed to get a few after we gave her a lollipop.

I worked for months on the decorations and party favors.  Not that it took months, just that I could do little bits here and there.  I worked on the stuff for Noah's party as well since  his birthday comes shortly after.

Her Aunt Brandy doing her little girl hair.

Soooo much of our family was able to come since they happened to be in town and/or available that day.  It was a huge crowd and a whole lot of fun!  

Noah sure had fun with all of his cousins!

Lola is 100% a Daddy's girl.  She LOVES her Daddy.  And Abe loves being her first choice!  I love it too, it's so sweet.

Thanks everyone who came and helped us celebrate Lola's first birthday!

Here's a newborn picture and a one year picture.
My how she's grown up!

Happy Birthday Sweet Lola!

Thank you sooo much to my dear, sweet friend Mandy for taking these gorgeous pictures for me!


new valentines!

I know I'm running late this year... seems to be the story of my life for the past 10  months since little Lola arrived in our lives!


I have finally finished the 2012 Valentine sets!

The Birds and Bees Set

The Bomb Set

These are made from my original pencil drawings, then scanned and colored digitally.
This year, I colored them with the clone tool in photoshop using my prints so they would show texture.  I know that sounds weird, but the coloring turned out really cute!

They are available to purchase in the shop now!

Also, I may end up listing the past years' Valentines too.  But if you don't see those sets and want one, just let me know and I set up a reserved listing for you.
You can view the past years' sets here and here.


little lola

Here's a post about little Lola.
She is so sweet.
here she is at 2 1/2 months
Still pretty skinny and small.
then at 3 months
She's starting to fill out a bit here.
a week later
She's getting fat!  My favorite thing in the world is a fat baby!
I've been lucky enough to have TWO fat babies!
Noah LOVES his "stister"
He is so sweet to her.  Sometimes he's a little too rough or takes a toy away, but for the most part he is a very nice big brother and very helpful. He LOVES to make her smile and laugh.
here she is swimming with her aunt Brandy at almost 5 months

she loves to stick her tongue out (5 months)

She's so smiley and fun and sweet!
She's such an easy baby.  She naps really well and is easy to please.

here's all her little fat rolls!  look at that knee dimple!  nearly 6 months here.
Cutest and fattest baby ever!

she never quite figured the binky thing out.  neither did Noah

Noah gave her a pretty flower to put in her hair
She started sitting up around 5 months or so.

hanging out with me doing laundry
one of the two times I tried a pony in her hair
here she is with her daddy at 7 1/2 months

she likes to make funny faces for the camera (8 months)

What a fun addition to our little family!  We love Lola so much!
She's such a sweet and pretty little girl.



Seriously???  Has it been nearly 6 months since I posted last??
Well, this post comes with shop news
and a warning.
The shop news is that we are having a sale!
A big one!
It's Christmas time and sales are all around us, so...
we are joining in.
We are doing 40% OFF all SINGLE PRINTS!
It starts today!
So click HERE to save big at the shop!

Now for the
This blog is a look behind the scenes of our little Pickled Pumpkins Company,
but... it's also a family record and a place for friends and family to see what's happening with us.
With that said, I will be doing a LOT of back blogging.
I just can't believe how far behind I am, and with a new baby in the house there is a lot to catch up on.

So now you are warned... there will be a lot (hopefully) of new posts coming up, but I'll be back dating them.
Thanks for being patient with me as I adjust to having more than one kid.


summer swimming

This year we were lucky enough to get passes to Cherry Hill, our local water park!

It's a fun place for toddlers because they have this huge area with shallow water, a giant wooden pirate ship and a mini water slide.

We'd pack our lunches and stay for several hours.

Noah's favorite thing to do there was to chat with the lifeguards that sit at the top of this slide.
He would sometimes wait until the line was gone so he'd have more time to chat them up.
Most of them were super nice and friendly with him.

Lola mostly napped in her stroller waking up occasionally to eat and get a few rays of sunshine.
It was a really fun thing to do in the heat of summer.



We got to go to Lagoon (our local amusement park) twice this summer!
Noah LOVES it there!  He talks about it all the time.

Noah was a little scared on the pirate ship.

He LOVED the swings!

He liked these cute little cars too.

tiny airplanes

I love this picture!  He kept getting his bumper car stuck.

They got soaked on Rattle Snake Rapids.
(and no, we didn't mean to have Noah and Abe be matchy-matchy)

Mini roller coaster!  Puff the Magic Dragon!

He loved the "helidoctors"!

We had lots of fun and hope we get to go again next year!