I found a funny one (and a new painting!)

First, here's something new for the shop!

This painting is dedictated to the green scarf I never finished.  My mama taught me to knit rather late in life, and let's just say I have a new respect for all the knitters out there.  I'm terrible at it, but I can dream right?
You can pick it up at the shop. (UPDATE:  This original painting sold.  But prints are available in the shop.  Thank you!!)

Something funny for you...
I've heard of this blog before from my sister-inlaw, but then forgot about it.  Then my sister emailed it to me and I am forever grateful.  It's hilarious!  Especially if you're a Mormon mom blogging about your "perfect" life and your "fabulous" crafts (me).  The best part is that some people don't get it.  You have to read a few posts to see for yourself.  It will make you smile.... unless you're one of the sillies that doesn't get it.  Then you will probably be angry.. and offended....  and write her a mean email....  which is even funnier. 
What is life if you can't laugh at yourself?
Check it out:


And a little reminder...

BOGO Sale at the shop!!


catching up (and a shop sale!)

1st of all...
It's been a crazy few weeks around here!  My little (big) Noah turned 2 on April Fool's Day.  No, this is not a joke.  When I went into labor in the wee morning hours of April Fool's Day, my family wasn't sure whether or not to believe me.  Especially since he was 3 weeks early. 
So Noah got two birthday parties.  One in St. George with Grams and Pa (my parents)...

And one with the rest of the fam here at home!

He loves all his presents so much!  Thank you party guests, we had so much fun celebrating with you all!


I did it!  I ran a half marathon!  That's 13.1 miles.  The ".1" was the hardest.  I have to say I'm proud of myself, but due to my own lack of motivation and serious under-training...  it HURT!  My knees were very angry with me for the last 3 miles, but I pushed and pushed.  And now I'm paying for it.  I feel better today, but my left knee is still achy and my right knee is clicking.  Yes, clicking.  Uh oh.  Anyway, it was a great experience.  I ran it with my parents-inlaw, and my sister-inlaw went on to finish the full marathon!  Yay Rachel!  It was lots of fun, but I really can't say that I will EVER do it again!
A few pics:

As Dan (father-inlaw) put it, "We're smiling because the race hasn't started yet."

This was that last ".1" that hurt so much.  Notice how far off the ground my feet are.


My sweet little family came to cheer me on!

My super runner sister, Ellie, and her fam were there, but somehow I didn't get a photo of them. :(
Thanks for always being so supportive!  And thanks Eve (mother-inlaw) for talking me into it, it really was a lot of fun!

And drum roll please........................................

3rd and finally........

We're having a Buy One, Get One FREE sale at the shop!
Buy 1 get 1 FREE, buy 2 get 2 FREE, buy 3 get 3 FREE, and so on!
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Easter fun and a new painting

For Easter this year, we visited my parents down in St. George (southern Utah).  It was much warmer, I even wore flip flops!  We did a LOT of laying around and relaxing and listening to general conference

Grams & Pa's back yard is super fun! 
Noah caught a stinky bug, played in the club house,
and played at the park... Daddy dressed him.

It was so nice to have a change from the regular day to day life and visiting with my parents is always lovely.  My mom and I talk and talk and talk, it's great.  We also came to a decision that we would put some originals of her smaller "daily paintings" in her Etsy shop!  So we'll get working on that asap.  You can check her shop out here.  She's an amazing artist! 

Here are some photos of Noah's Easter fun:
Once he discovered there was candy in the eggs, he started eating them as he went....

 ... and ate his entire stash on the grass.

And something NEW!

If you read the last post I did, you'll understand this new painting a little more:

I needed some therapy, I sat down to paint and this is what came out.  So far, it's one of my favorites!  It just turned out exactly how I wanted it to and I love it!  I'm sure anyone can relate and I hope this one brings a smile to your face like it does mine.  Prints of this one are available in the shop today!