the pumpkin patch

A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law treated Noah and 2 of his cousins to a trip to the pumpkin patch!  There was a little mini hay maze that Noah just loved!

Here he is with cousin Charlotte trying to find their way out.

And here he is getting a ride in the pumpkin cart from cousin Hank.

The kids searched and searched the vast pumpkin patch for just the right pumpkins..

...and finally

Noah found his perfect pumpkin!

We had so much fun!  The weather was so lovely and this particular patch was filled with so many beautiful pumpkins!  Some of them looked like they popped right out of a fairytale!  I LOVE this time of year!


my favorite time of year

Like so many of you, this is my favorite time of year!  The cool and crisp fall air, the colors, wearing sweaters, endless craft ideas, warm fireplaces, pumpkins, silly Halloween fun, wonderful togetherness of Thanksgiving, and the excitement and joy and peace and love of Christmas time! 
Such a beautiful season that holds so many fond memories, both recent and distant.  I love it so!

One of my favorite things to make any time of year, but is an especially yummy treat in the fall is my grandma's apple pie!  Pie making is truly an artform that needs practice and nurturing (thanks again for the lessons, Mom!).  Each time I make it, it gets a little easier and a little prettier.
A while ago I made two pies, both of which were gobbled up by family (and mostly me) before I even thought to get a picture.
So... I'm left with this photo, which is almost as satisfying as a beautiful pie picture, because at least I know it was delicious too!

As for our house, Noah helped me put up the Halloween decorations in September.  He loves the "scaries" as he calls anything Halloween related.  I truly love my ghoulish decor so hopefully I can get some pictures up soon.
Outside, I used my fall wreath I made from last year because I still love it so much!

Here is our house as of today.

And just so you all know, I planted the exact same flowers in the front flower bed as I did in the side bed on the left.
Just goes to show you what a little sunshine will do.  I guess I need some serious shade-loving plants next spring for the front bed since our house faces north.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love my beautiful home.  If you'd like, click HERE to see a small history of our 100 year old farmhouse.  The upstairs is still completely stripped to the studs as we haven't figured out the funding to finish it yet.  But not much makes me happier than pulling into our gravel driveway to this beautiful home and knowing that it's ours.  We love it so very much!


the P word

I suppose my short blogging hiatus will now be the cause of my blogging "catch-up" that will commence starting tonight. I have much to catch up on and THE season is upon us, so I'll try and add some fun holiday stuff in here too.

But first...

This little fella

(pictured here posing in Daddy's clean basketball undies on laundry day)

was in my room this morning while I got dressed.

Now... stop reading here if you are offended easily or simply don't want a mental picture.

While getting dressed, Noah said with a giggle in his voice,
"Wook!  Mommy's naked bum and naked weeny!"

(Yes, I've taught my toddler to say "weeny" instead of "penis" because I don't like the P word.  It's just ugly.)

To which comment I replied,
"No, mommies don't have weenies.  Only boys have weenies.  So Daddy has a weeny and Noah has a weeny, but Mommy doesn't."

Noah thought about this for a minute... then smiled and said,
"Silly Mommy and silly Mommy's weeny."

Then all day in the car running errands, he talked about how boys and daddies have weenies and mommies don't.  I suppose this counts as our first lesson in "the birds and the bees" subject???  I hope!

Noah is oh so fun to hang out with every day!

pregnancy update
While feeling much better in my 15th week of pregnancy than I did the first 3 months, I'm still dragging and napping too much.  I hope to have more energy soon as this season of holiday crazy fun is here and I have so much to do!