little lola

Here's a post about little Lola.
She is so sweet.
here she is at 2 1/2 months
Still pretty skinny and small.
then at 3 months
She's starting to fill out a bit here.
a week later
She's getting fat!  My favorite thing in the world is a fat baby!
I've been lucky enough to have TWO fat babies!
Noah LOVES his "stister"
He is so sweet to her.  Sometimes he's a little too rough or takes a toy away, but for the most part he is a very nice big brother and very helpful. He LOVES to make her smile and laugh.
here she is swimming with her aunt Brandy at almost 5 months

she loves to stick her tongue out (5 months)

She's so smiley and fun and sweet!
She's such an easy baby.  She naps really well and is easy to please.

here's all her little fat rolls!  look at that knee dimple!  nearly 6 months here.
Cutest and fattest baby ever!

she never quite figured the binky thing out.  neither did Noah

Noah gave her a pretty flower to put in her hair
She started sitting up around 5 months or so.

hanging out with me doing laundry
one of the two times I tried a pony in her hair
here she is with her daddy at 7 1/2 months

she likes to make funny faces for the camera (8 months)

What a fun addition to our little family!  We love Lola so much!
She's such a sweet and pretty little girl.



Seriously???  Has it been nearly 6 months since I posted last??
Well, this post comes with shop news
and a warning.
The shop news is that we are having a sale!
A big one!
It's Christmas time and sales are all around us, so...
we are joining in.
We are doing 40% OFF all SINGLE PRINTS!
It starts today!
So click HERE to save big at the shop!

Now for the
This blog is a look behind the scenes of our little Pickled Pumpkins Company,
but... it's also a family record and a place for friends and family to see what's happening with us.
With that said, I will be doing a LOT of back blogging.
I just can't believe how far behind I am, and with a new baby in the house there is a lot to catch up on.

So now you are warned... there will be a lot (hopefully) of new posts coming up, but I'll be back dating them.
Thanks for being patient with me as I adjust to having more than one kid.