a picnic

It has been such a cold spring this year, we have to grab any bit of sunshine we can.
A few weeks ago, we had a day that was just over 70 degrees.  Noah was loving the warm weather!
So instead of pulling him away from it, I put some lunch in a basket and brought it outside for a picnic on the back lawn.

Lola lounged in her car seat.

Noah was very happy with this idea.

It got warm enough that we moved it into the shade.  Noah rested his little elbow on my knee and talked my head off.  He talked about the birds in the tree, what shape the clouds are, the bugs and worms he'd been digging up.

Then for nap, he decided to snuggle my boots and crashed within minutes.

It was a good day.


two months

Lola has already passed her 2 month mark!

She's 22 inches long, weighs 11 pounds and flashes us the cutest smiles all the time!

She has a reflux issue, but the doctor put her on some medicine that is helping a whole lot.  She's much happier... maybe that's why she's smiling so much lately!

She's such an easy baby.  So laid back and rarely makes a fuss.  So sweet and snuggly, she burrows into my neck when I hold her.

And YAY... she still has all her hair!  It's so thick and long all over her little head.  And the color is so pretty with more than a hint of strawberry in it.
Her cheeks are getting so fat, I can't help but kiss them all the time.
I was so amazed after Noah was born at how much I could love him, I just couldn't imagine it would be possible to love another one as much.  But it's like my sister told me, your heart just gets bigger with each child.
She is such a sweet addition to our little family.
It's hard to believe she just got here because it feels like she's always been with us.


little noah moments

Let me just preface this post by saying I have a LOT of catching up to do.  But Abe took Noah camping this weekend while Lola and I stayed behind, so it got me missing my little buddy.
Here are a few fun Noah moments I happened to catch on camera:

he loves it when I help him build things to drive his cars on

he loves to wear glasses or goggles of any kind

he likes to pretend his stuffed animals are his babies so he piles them into Lola's bouncer

he LOVES to snuggle with his daddy

What a bunch of cuties!

What a sweet life!


little lola

Pictured here at just one month, you can see the potential that lies in those cheeks!

I happened to catch a sleepy smile
when she heard me say her name.

Helping daddy drive the car on our way down to St. George.

Such a sweet little girl.



One of my favorite things to do with Noah is to bake goodies.

He loves it!

These were our valentine cookies from February of this year.

he's very careful

Decorating is serious business....

...until he gets distracted and starts eating them instead.

I think Noah's favorite part is eating off the beater.


Unfortunately, baking is not something I can do very well while trying to lose 25 pounds of baby weight.  No fun!



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