a cry day...

Maybe this is too much information or just too personal, but it was such a moment of gratitude that I thought I should share.  Abe and I have been trying for baby #2 for a year now.  I got pregnant with Noah within a few weeks of deciding we should try for a baby, so I'm quite sure I developed some seriously unrealistic expectations when it comes to conceiving.  And I realize that a year isn't much in the grand scheme of things, especially when I have sisters who've suffered far more in the journey to mommy-hood than me.
However, I still feel I'm entitled to a day of tears on the twelfth month of no baby in my belly.  So I had a cry day.  I held back until Della (my niece I watch during the day) went home so as not to scare her, and Abe was working late.  So I let loose.  I broke down and cried and cried and cried.
Then.... my sweet Noah climbed into my lap and laid his head on my chest and snuggled me.  So I cried more.  Then he took my face in his sweaty little hands, pinched my cheeks, wiped my tears, moved my hair gently out of my eyes, kissed my mouth and hugged me while patting my back.  I sobbed while my little toddler comforted me.
So I ask, is this normal for a 2 year old?  No, no... don't tell me.  Because even if it is, I know my Noah truly has the biggest heart.  Even amidst the tantrums, he is always such a sweet and loving little boy.
In comes the gratitude:  I'm in no way giving up on my dream of a house full of kids after only a year of trying for #2, but....  I can safely say that if God only sends one little spirit my way, he sent the most precious soul I could ever ask for.  And so my tears change to those of humbling gratitude.  I am truly so blessed.


spring is in the air

A few weeks ago, my husband's grandfather kindly pruned all of our trees.  (He's 81, mind you.)  He worked very hard on it for days.  I don't know why he works so hard for us.  I hope it's because he's bored and this brings him enjoyment.  It's the only thing I can tell myself that helps me to not feel so guilty about it.
Anyway, he was so cute and thoughtful to save me some of the branches from the apricot tree and told me if I put them in water, they'll bloom around Easter time.  He calls them "Easter Trees".  And sure enough...

So pretty!

Speaking of pretty, look who's pretty in pink!  Well, those pudgy cankles and bread-loaf feet don't belong to any sweet little girl with a pink bow in her hair to match...
They belong to my Noah.
He loves to put on shoes, but he especially loves to put on cousin Della's pretty pink shoes.
He wore them all day.  And she's so sweet to let him.  Good thing he got a haircut later that afternoon, he was looking quite pretty. 

And if you remember this post, we delivered the bed my husband made safe and sound.  Here's a picture of it in their room (sans the bedding).  I think it looks amazing!  He's so talented!  I can't wait for Abe to make us one.  But not until our second floor is finished (remodeling a 100 year old home takes a LONG time) and we have a place to put it.  One day, one day...


MORE new stuff

I have been BUSY!  But it's been so fun!  I'm on a bit of a painting break, but not an actual break.  I found these amazing books at a local thrift store, Deseret Industries (or D.I. as us locals call it).  Love this place!  You can find awesome stuff!  I found these beautiful old books with the most wonderful pictures in them!
And then... I did the unthinkable.  I cut them up!  I cut the beautiful pages out of them!  I know, I know!  No hate comments please.  But look what I made:
They're envelopes!
They are so pretty!  I'm almost hoping they don't sell because I love them so much. 
This is just a small smattering.  I have LOTS!  Some are available now in my OTHER shop, Pickled Pantry and I'll be posting new ones each day for a while.  That'll be my "paper-love" shop.  
I love paper goods.  Love them.  LOVE them. 

And just because I'm talking about love...
I could just kiss this kid's face off!
He was so proud of himself for putting his pants on...
that he wore them backwards and around his thighs for about 25 minutes.  Just cruised around in them like nothing was silly about it.  He's such a fun kid.  Love him.  LOVE him.


fun new stuff

Hello all!  Some fun new stuff is all about us here at Pickled Pumpkins headquarters!

First, I'd like to brag about my husband's amazing carpentry skills.  Here is a bed he's working on that his sister has ordered:  (this photo shows it mid-topcoat process)
I love that I have a husband that can do this kind of stuff!

And here is a new arrival in my home:
Love, LOVE this artist!  This print is called Mother and Son by Lisa Hurwitz.  She is truly amazing!  Here is her shop and you can pull up her blog here.

And last, but not least... here is a new painting I finished that I just love:
Her name is Bitty Bird and I'm thinking she may appear in more than one painting. 
This one is called Bitty Bird's New Shoes.
You can find the print available for purchase in the shop!
Happy weekend!


sick boy...

So it caught us.  We were completely unsuspecting.  On Sunday, two weeks ago, Noah woke up super sick.  He'd had a little cold that we didn't think anything of, but that morning it was bad news.  By midday, he was looking better.  Playing, running... a little slow, but running.  But by dinner time it was really bad.  We ended up in the doctor's office until midnight.  Diagnosis:  pneumonia!!  I really thought I was going to burst into tears as they are telling me they may have to admit my little boy into the hospital because it's so dangerous when they're this young.  Thankfully, after a traumatizing breathing treatment, his breathing got better and we were ok to take him home.  I just had to count his breaths-per-minute every half hour through the night to make sure he was ok.  Not that I would have slept anyway.  So we kicked Abe out to the couch and Noah slept with me. 

Here he is the next morning:

Amazing how easy it is to get a smile out of this kid!

And by that afternoon... couch jumping!

We had to give him 4 breathing treatments a day for a week, not to mention antibiotics for his DOUBLE ear infection!!  Poor kid.

But by Friday, he was nearly back to normal.  Almost full speed.  We babysat Noah's cousin (once removed??), Jonah, and they had a blast!  Jonah is just 4 months younger than Noah and doesn't let Noah bully him (Noah can be mean).  So they were a great pair!

Look at these buddies!

We had to do the diaper shots since they were changing into jammies.

I call this Chocolate and Vanilla.

I think Jonah is trying to escape.

So a happy ending to a scary week.  We are so blessed to have our healthy, happy little boy back!