another GIVEAWAY!!!

All right PP readers, there is another GIVEAWAY being hosted on an awesome blog that you should be following anyway! 
Sara Boulter Photography!
  She is such an amazing photographer!  She makes EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE look beautiful!  And she's super silly funny.  My favorite kind of gal. 
After you see her work, you will want more.  I promise! 
She's the one that took these fab shots of Noah at 1 year old:
Seriously.... need I say more?  She is amazing!  So go to her blog for details and to get in on the drawing AND a discount!!


sweet, sweet V-Day

There was so much love around my house this Valentine's day!  First of all, it was my Abe's 30th birthday on Feb. 12th.  Yes, my husband Abraham L. Carlsruh was born on Abe Lincoln's birthday.  His parents promise a coincidence.  And... I'm totally a cougar.  He's a full 6 months and 1 week YOUNGER than me.  I know, I know... cradle robber.  So we made him these:
But the love that went into making these... my my my....
I watch my little 4 year old niece, Della, four days a week.  She is the youngest of 3 brothers, but she has absolutely taken the big sister role with my little Noah.  She loves him so.  She is his protector, his comforter, his punching bag. 
And I was so excited to catch this moment:
Yes.  He climbed up on her "baking chair" to hug her.  And hug and hug and hug her.  I don't know what he'd do without his Della. 

Then she helped him with the cookie cutters:
Aren't they cute?? 
But for the decorating I put Noah in his high chair so that Della could concentrate on her designs:

Noah just ate his designs:

And last, here's Noah coloring his valentines for his cousins:

He worked so hard on this little project (got it on video too!).  And yes, I bought Noah some Dr. Seuss valentines because he liked those better than the ones I created.  Can't win 'em all!

I hope everyone's Vday was as fun as ours!



Just to clarify... the GIVEAWAY goes through Valentines Day!  I think I may have confused a few of you by making it sound like it was only one day.  If you go to lassie girl's blog and comment on this GIVEAWAY post, you are entered into the drawing!  She won't be closing the comments until midnight on V-Day Feb 14!  So what's everyone waiting for??  It's totally FREE! So go check it out!
The cow says... "Moooove!"



Hi everyone, I have good news! A fellow crafter and all around fun gal is hosting a giveaway today! It's a GIVEAWAY of one of my prints, but you have to go to her blog to get in on the action.  You should check out her blog anyway, she makes the cutest little girl pinafores ever!  So fun, makes me wish I had a little girl!  She is the creator of Lassie Girl and you will fall in love with her fabric choices and designs!  So so cute!
Check it out here:

...have fun!