A Sneak Peak!

Here's a glimps of what I've been working on this weekend.  This is before the "antiquing" stage.  I use an antiquing stain on all my paintings because I love the texture it brings out and I love them to look old.  So that stage will come next.

These two will be a part of my "rescue series".  I'm also working on a "construction series" as well as some other ideas I have floating around.  I haven't painted in over a month so it feels great to be painting again!  I've had so much fun with these!

They will be in the shop very soon.

UPDATE ON PRINTS:  I am still awaiting the paper I ordered for my prints.  It should be here this week.  (update:  prints are now available in the shop) Once it's here, I can begin selling reproductions of my paintings as prints at a HUGE price reduction!  So exciting!!  We've tested it out already and they look wonderful!  It makes you want to feel the paper to make sure it isn't really canvas.  They look great and I'm very excited about them!

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