another GIVEAWAY!!!

All right PP readers, there is another GIVEAWAY being hosted on an awesome blog that you should be following anyway! 
Sara Boulter Photography!
  She is such an amazing photographer!  She makes EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE look beautiful!  And she's super silly funny.  My favorite kind of gal. 
After you see her work, you will want more.  I promise! 
She's the one that took these fab shots of Noah at 1 year old:
Seriously.... need I say more?  She is amazing!  So go to her blog for details and to get in on the drawing AND a discount!!


  1. Could he be any cuter?! Love those pictures! :)

  2. Those pictures are so cute. I love them! Your blogspot is wonderful, but then you always have been creative. Love it, love it. Mom

  3. So cute! Thanks for making a comment on my very old outdated blog! Look at how creative you are?! I had no idea.... why doesn't Amber tell me these things? I would love to find out more about your 'shop'.
    Little Kade is still adorable as ever :)
    ps-love your pics of Noah

  4. I love your family photos and doodling. You are so cute. I am mad the RS took you because now I never get to see you, except for when our kids are being rowdy during sacrament. Well, I haven't updated my blog in awhile, but it is my-bad-family.blogspot.com
    Bad stands for Brian Abby and Denver.

  5. Katie you are so awesome!! I love all of your art work you are so creative!! Your family pics are super cute too!