Easter fun and a new painting

For Easter this year, we visited my parents down in St. George (southern Utah).  It was much warmer, I even wore flip flops!  We did a LOT of laying around and relaxing and listening to general conference

Grams & Pa's back yard is super fun! 
Noah caught a stinky bug, played in the club house,
and played at the park... Daddy dressed him.

It was so nice to have a change from the regular day to day life and visiting with my parents is always lovely.  My mom and I talk and talk and talk, it's great.  We also came to a decision that we would put some originals of her smaller "daily paintings" in her Etsy shop!  So we'll get working on that asap.  You can check her shop out here.  She's an amazing artist! 

Here are some photos of Noah's Easter fun:
Once he discovered there was candy in the eggs, he started eating them as he went....

 ... and ate his entire stash on the grass.

And something NEW!

If you read the last post I did, you'll understand this new painting a little more:

I needed some therapy, I sat down to paint and this is what came out.  So far, it's one of my favorites!  It just turned out exactly how I wanted it to and I love it!  I'm sure anyone can relate and I hope this one brings a smile to your face like it does mine.  Prints of this one are available in the shop today!


  1. Hey lady! I've seen your comments on my blog but you never said YOU finally have one! I have been catching up a little and I like what I see. The bed Abe made is VERY awesome! And yes, you have a very talented hubby. You also have a gorgeous son and and awesome shop! I'm sorry for the whole "trying for a year" thing. That's awful. I remember us talking about this very thing whilst cleaning a certain gym in St. George. I love that your little boy comforted you. I almost cried myself while reading that. I miss you SO much Katie! You're awesome and just reading your blog made me realize how much I need me some Katie.

  2. Oh, and ps: Your Abe was born on Abe Lincoln's birthday? Joseph was the 12th child (Like Joseph and the technicolored dream coat) and born on Joseph Smith's birthday. Weird. Oh, and I'm a cougar too! Joseph was born 4 months and 19 days AFTER me. :)