I found a funny one (and a new painting!)

First, here's something new for the shop!

This painting is dedictated to the green scarf I never finished.  My mama taught me to knit rather late in life, and let's just say I have a new respect for all the knitters out there.  I'm terrible at it, but I can dream right?
You can pick it up at the shop. (UPDATE:  This original painting sold.  But prints are available in the shop.  Thank you!!)

Something funny for you...
I've heard of this blog before from my sister-inlaw, but then forgot about it.  Then my sister emailed it to me and I am forever grateful.  It's hilarious!  Especially if you're a Mormon mom blogging about your "perfect" life and your "fabulous" crafts (me).  The best part is that some people don't get it.  You have to read a few posts to see for yourself.  It will make you smile.... unless you're one of the sillies that doesn't get it.  Then you will probably be angry.. and offended....  and write her a mean email....  which is even funnier. 
What is life if you can't laugh at yourself?
Check it out:


And a little reminder...

BOGO Sale at the shop!!

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