where has my summer gone?

Wow!  Life has been SUPER busy!  Why is summer always so darn busy??  Isn't it the time to relax on a hammock with a glass of pink lemonade and a bowl of fresh strawberries?  Where are the lazy days of summer that I so long for?

I had made plans with my dearest friend, Annie, to ride the train down with Noah and meet her at The Gateway in downtown SLC periodically so that our kids could run through the fountain and we could have much needed friend time. 
 Well, much needed friend time opportunities have whizzed right past me and now it seems that our "much needed" time has turned into "desperately needed" time. 
I miss my tall, skinny friend.  I love her so.
She always loves me no matter how bad I screw up.  She is silly and funny and the sweetest person I know.

Here is my dearest friend pictured with me on my wedding day in 2007:
I miss you, Lez!

At least with all the busy days, I've had a bit of productive time.
We are introducing some of our newest Print Sets to be available in the shop in the upcoming days!
I've had SO MANY requests for these prints at print-set prices, so we just had to oblige!

I will be introducing the sets as soon as we can make them available to purchase.


  1. Why is it that summer flies on by, but winter seems to take FOREVER??? I guess it is because of all the busy summer days??? It looks like Noah is having fun in the summer heat!!!

  2. I love you and miss you too! Thanks for the nice post. You are the bestest friend ever! We are going to get together at least once this summer before it's over!