is it a boy or girl

We had been asking Noah if he wanted a sister or a brother, or a boy or a girl for a few weeks before we found out.  Each and every time he answered that he wanted a sister and a "gwirl".
I was so curious if we would disappoint him.  All four of my sisters have all boys except one little girl.  And on Abe's side, there is only one girl out of ten grandkids!  So the pressure was on...
Well, we went to the doctor a few weeks ago and after a LOOOONNNNG ultra sound and prodding my belly a little... we discovered that baby #2 will be a....


I am still having a hard time believing it because, well... look at the picture!  How is THAT a girl?  I can't distinguish a single body part in there, but the tech assured me that the little group of lines is a girl. 
With Noah it was so much easier to see.  You saw two little legs and a little weenie in the middle.  In this one, I don't see legs, arms, feet, bum, NOTHING!  Let alone a girl part!
But I will go ahead with what the tech told us.  She seemed completely confident.  So a little girl it is!
We are so thrilled!
I'm putting together a post to tell you what we're naming her.  We've had a girl name picked out for a LOOOONG time.  Good thing she's a girl because we never did decide on another boy name.
Anyway, we're going to give her a family name and I've got some fun pictures to to post with it!

I think this news will be good news for Pickled Pumpkins too.  It means I'm going to have a lot more "girlie" on the brain so hopefully that will add a lot more girlie stuff to the shop!
And speaking of the shop, don't forget that the
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  1. Congrats on the little "gwirl"! I'm so very happy for you! :)

  2. Awww! Katie! I'm so excited for you!! Girls are SOOOOOOO much fun! I love mine and would love 3 more! (minus the drama ;) Congrats!! Can't wait to hear what you're naming her!

  3. Yea!!!!!!! WE are so excited for you!!! I don't know how they see those body parts in those ultrasounds either??? But they are usually right!!! Noah is going to LOVE his little sister and Afton is going to love having a friend!!!

  4. Oh I'm so excited for you guys!! Noah is going to be such a great big brother. You guys are going to have so much fun.

  5. Oh, so excited for you...and for Noah...and for Abe. (Seriously, isn't Abe gonna be the best girl daddy ever?!)

  6. SO happy that you will have an adorable girl to add to your super cute family! Hope y'all had a wonderful holiday!

  7. We are excited for both of you!!