fun in the snow

Noah loves to play in the snow!  Thank goodness because last year he did not like the snow at all.  So this winter has been really fun so far. 
We get all bundled up:
Yes, that is my messy house in the background.  And yes, his snowpants are camouflage.  No one at this house is complaining about fantastic hand-me-downs!  Camo or not!

Then we make lots of footprints as we venture next door to Grandma and Grandpa's:

Then we sit and fill our bucket for a bit:

Then we climb the bushes...

...to find the perfect leaf...

...to wipe off the swing!

Then we eat some snow:

And finally head back inside for some yummy hot chocolate!

Don't kids make everything more fun?!
Yes... most of the time. (wink)

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  1. Those pictures are adorable!!! And yes we too love hand me downs! And with camouflage snow pants you can barely see Noah in the bushes! He! He! I love that he used a leaf to wipe off the swing instead of his hand that is already covered with a glove! Kids are so funny and creative and yes they do make everything more fun!