oh christmas tree

I realize this is a little bit late since we've had our tree for several weeks now, but it must be documented!

As I keep saying, the holidays are so much more fun with kids!  Whether they're your own kids, your nieces and nephews, grandkids, friend's kids, neighbor kids... WHATEVER!  They just make it wonderful!

We went to the tree lot that we use every year to pick our tree.  Noah loves to run through the rows of trees!

It was soooo bitter cold!

Then we brought it home, got it all set up and started decorating!
Noah helped this year which made it so much more fun!

Unlike most, we START with the star:

Abe's the only one tall enough to put it on top:

Noah had so much fun hanging the ornaments:

We had the movie "Elf" playing as we decorated.  One of our favorites!

And ta da....!!

This year was so fun because I started our collection of ornaments at some "After-Christmas" sales last year.  So it was a whole new tree this year!  So fun!  I'll have a post with a little more detail of the ornaments and my gift wrapping theme coming soon.

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  1. I love it! That is so fun that you actually get a real tree every year. And your decorations are so cute! I am impressed that you have bows on all your presents. You are definitely an overachiever!!!