my little artist

Lately Noah has been so into drawing!
The funny part is that he prefers pencils over crayons.  He loves to draw tiny little details.  He'll sit and draw and tell the story of what's on his paper as he draws it.  It's really adorable so needless to say, I've snapped quite a few pictures.
Here are a few:

Noah working on his valentines

making each one special

first thing in the morning

he always has to come show us what he's drawn

decorating my grocery list

getting some drawing in before bed

distracted at lunchtime

some close-ups of his scribbles

I love his fat little hand in this one

 on some paper scraps

and on some unusable lion valentines

Ok, so that was more than a "few" pictures.  I just think it's so cute!  If only he'd let me video him while he's telling the stories that go with his drawings. 
This is a really difficult age with the tantrums, the time-outs, the potty training, etc...
BUT... It's such a cute age too!  He makes Abe and I laugh so much with the things he says and does.  He's a funny little kid and he makes me so happy to be a mom!

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  1. Those pictures are priceless! Noah is quite the artist! Davis is more of a scribble monster! The 2's can be terrible. I am jealous that you will be in the THRILLING 3's soon!!!