two months

Lola has already passed her 2 month mark!

She's 22 inches long, weighs 11 pounds and flashes us the cutest smiles all the time!

She has a reflux issue, but the doctor put her on some medicine that is helping a whole lot.  She's much happier... maybe that's why she's smiling so much lately!

She's such an easy baby.  So laid back and rarely makes a fuss.  So sweet and snuggly, she burrows into my neck when I hold her.

And YAY... she still has all her hair!  It's so thick and long all over her little head.  And the color is so pretty with more than a hint of strawberry in it.
Her cheeks are getting so fat, I can't help but kiss them all the time.
I was so amazed after Noah was born at how much I could love him, I just couldn't imagine it would be possible to love another one as much.  But it's like my sister told me, your heart just gets bigger with each child.
She is such a sweet addition to our little family.
It's hard to believe she just got here because it feels like she's always been with us.

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  1. I am so glad that you figured out her little fussy problem. That reflux medicine is amazing! Her eyes are so big and beautiful!!! And yes I am sooooooooooooo jealous that she still has her hair!!!