Seriously???  Has it been nearly 6 months since I posted last??
Well, this post comes with shop news
and a warning.
The shop news is that we are having a sale!
A big one!
It's Christmas time and sales are all around us, so...
we are joining in.
We are doing 40% OFF all SINGLE PRINTS!
It starts today!
So click HERE to save big at the shop!

Now for the
This blog is a look behind the scenes of our little Pickled Pumpkins Company,
but... it's also a family record and a place for friends and family to see what's happening with us.
With that said, I will be doing a LOT of back blogging.
I just can't believe how far behind I am, and with a new baby in the house there is a lot to catch up on.

So now you are warned... there will be a lot (hopefully) of new posts coming up, but I'll be back dating them.
Thanks for being patient with me as I adjust to having more than one kid.

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