I love being a mom... so much!

I have tried not to make my little Noah the center of my artwork blog, but...  he IS the inspiration for most of my artwork.  He IS the focus of most of my day.  He IS the sweetest, cutest little boy I've ever known.

The other day while playing with Noah, I squished my cheeks together to make a face at him.  He laughed, then came up to me and squished my cheeks together with his big, clammy hands and kissed my puckered lips, then hugged me.  Then.... be still my heart.... he did it again... and again... and again...  For about seven minutes he did this over and over again.  My cheeks were sore, my lips were raw, I had things to get done...  But this little moment in time... it is times like these that you forget everything else around you and live in that moment.  Just soak it up because it may never happen again.   And you say, "I love being a mom".

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