seeing the lights.... post Christmas

We wanted to take Noah to see Layton's crazy display of "Christmas" lights, but didn't want to fight the crowd so we waited until after Christmas to go.  Now what I mean by "crazy display" and my quotes around the word Christmas is that these lights are downright silly.  You've got everything from mermaids to dinosaurs, monkeys, dragons, airplanes, flowers, bears, dolphins, butterflies and yes... even a unicorn!
Speaking of silly... luckily these snow pants are hand-me-downs because of course by the time Noah can wear them, they are a wee bit small.  But he LOVED them!

It was PAINFULLY cold that night, but Noah didn't care at all.
There he goes...

He so loved the silly lights...

All in all, we were only there for about 15 minutes because of the single digit temperature.  Needless to say, Noah was very upset we were leaving so fast, so we drove around the park a few times so he could see the lights from the warmth of the car.

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