sick boy...

So it caught us.  We were completely unsuspecting.  On Sunday, two weeks ago, Noah woke up super sick.  He'd had a little cold that we didn't think anything of, but that morning it was bad news.  By midday, he was looking better.  Playing, running... a little slow, but running.  But by dinner time it was really bad.  We ended up in the doctor's office until midnight.  Diagnosis:  pneumonia!!  I really thought I was going to burst into tears as they are telling me they may have to admit my little boy into the hospital because it's so dangerous when they're this young.  Thankfully, after a traumatizing breathing treatment, his breathing got better and we were ok to take him home.  I just had to count his breaths-per-minute every half hour through the night to make sure he was ok.  Not that I would have slept anyway.  So we kicked Abe out to the couch and Noah slept with me. 

Here he is the next morning:

Amazing how easy it is to get a smile out of this kid!

And by that afternoon... couch jumping!

We had to give him 4 breathing treatments a day for a week, not to mention antibiotics for his DOUBLE ear infection!!  Poor kid.

But by Friday, he was nearly back to normal.  Almost full speed.  We babysat Noah's cousin (once removed??), Jonah, and they had a blast!  Jonah is just 4 months younger than Noah and doesn't let Noah bully him (Noah can be mean).  So they were a great pair!

Look at these buddies!

We had to do the diaper shots since they were changing into jammies.

I call this Chocolate and Vanilla.

I think Jonah is trying to escape.

So a happy ending to a scary week.  We are so blessed to have our healthy, happy little boy back!

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