daddy and noah fun

Noah and daddy got to have lots of bonding time this past week.  Abe took Noah swimming for the first time this season!  Noah LOVED his new swim diapers and swimsuit. 

This is what happens when you put Noah in a swim diaper:

He didn't mind.

Then you apply the required "plastic pants".

Then the bright orange swimsuit with picture of "monkey pirate":
He loved every minute of it!  The swimming part was fun too.

father/son campout
Noah and Abe also got to travel with friends from church to the father/son's campout.
They went two hours north to freezing cold Idaho and still had lot's of fun.
Noah particularly loved the giant slide
(which in summer is a giant WATER slide).
Here he is going down it with his friend Davis.
There was a zipline and some other fun activities.

 Abe and Noah slept in the car to keep warm.
Breakfast the next morning:
Look at his cold little hands!
Needless to say, Noah had a blast with daddy and I really missed them both very much!

And just to end on a "cheery" note....
look what happened this morning!!

YES, that is snow!  On MAY 24th!!!  That's the kind of crap stuff that happens when you live in Utah.
Hopefully my cute little garden makes it through!


  1. Noah is growing way to fast! He is such a cutie.

  2. How fun!!! Daddy and son time is the best!!! Noah looks like he had tons of fun!!! Davis had fun playing with him!!!

  3. Dad of the year, huh?! I love that so many of the men took even their little, little guys. Darling.

  4. Love Father/Son campouts. I think they should happen quarterly.