new things

Last Christmas my mother-in-law, Eve, gave me this beautiful Bosch mixer:
She gave it with the intent that I could make bread since I've been saying I want to learn.  I was so excited about it, but.... terrified.  It sat there staring at me for MONTHS without so much as cookiedough ingredients breaking it in!  I just felt like it was too much machine for me.  So Eve was kind enough to take a Saturday afternoon to give me bread making lessons (on top of those my mom has already given me) and it finally stuck!  I went home and made some of my own while the instructions were still fresh in my brain.
Here's me with mine:
I know they are all random sizes.  Apparently I'm terrible at eyeballing the size of the loaves.  Eve uses a scale... she's smart.  But the convection oven helped them bake beautifully and evenly and the bread tastes delicious! 
I used freshly ground whole wheat, thanks to Eve's wheat grinder. (and her wheat)

new art
I finally finished this little trio:
They are tiny.  The canvas size for each is 2.5x2.5 inches and the tiny easels measure approximately  4.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide.  I've decided to sell them as a set.  You almost can't have one without the other two, so there you go!
You can purchase them in the shop now.


  1. I have never seen such beautiful loaves of bread!!! Those look delicious!!! Now you have entered the Bosch world there is no turning back!!! I love my Bosch it makes baking so much more fun and easier!!!

  2. I'm so proud of you!! And...I might need a version of those darling little paintings for my sewing room! Love them.