quiet time at home and shop news

Everyday after I put Noah down for his nap, my niece Della and I do school activities.  These include letters, numbers and little workbook activities.  After that we have "Katie's quiet time".  This is my time to have some peace and quiet, paint, draw, craft, blog, package orders, etc.  During my quiet time, Della often creates little masterpieces. 
Here's one from a few weeks ago:

She loves to paint.  I thought this one was extra special.  I love it!
I sent this one home with her.  Hopefully it got a frame! 
Or at least a spot on the fridge.

Other quiet times...
Sometime I get quiet time when Noah is awake! 
We often find Noah like this:

and like this:
He loves to sit in his room and "read".  I love seeing it.
He is at such a cute age right now, it's so fun.  Of course, I'm pretty sure I've said that at every stage of his life.  And I'm happy that I've savored every one of them.  It goes too fast!

And in shop news,
we are ending the BOGO Sale on Friday this week.  That's May 21st!  So if you haven't taken advantage yet, you have until Friday night.  I'll start taking the info off each listing after we put Noah to bed.  So hurry!
And happy Monday!

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  1. I love that Noah reads by himself! Those pictures are priceless! This age is so fun!!!