snail mail and home fun

We got sod last year since our lovely lawn was completely destroyed due to the everlasting renovation.  So mowing the lawn this year is quite a joy, no matter how cold it is outside!  Noah has fun!  So does Abe.
Snail mail fun!
I ordered some rubber stamps for my packaging from Olga of cupcaketree on Etsy.  Check out her shop!  She's amazing!  I drew up some sketches of what I wanted, she sized them and then carved them out of rubber! 
What the?? 
Such tiny detail in these things and I love them so!  Look how cute my packaging looks now...
I had Abe mount them onto some beefier grips for me, which took him all of 3 minutes.
And I stamped away while we watched Avatar.  (pretty entertaining, both the movie and stamping)
I couldn't love these rubber stamps more!  Thank you so much!

And then...
My sweet friend Gail of GDRDesigns on Etsy was SOOOOO kind  and thoughtful to send me this in the mail...
She said she noticed my "pitter patter of little feet" category on this here blog and thought I might like it!
And I DO!!!!  I LOVE it!  And I'm quite sure she had no idea my favorite color is green too! (note the nail polish)
Anyway, I'm not the best photographer, but the front says "sweet" in white on white (which I love).  The inside is two tiny footprints and says "the pitter patter of little feet" on lovely vellum.  Seriously, this was just an out of the blue gift from Gail and I thank her kindly.  I love it!  Go see her shop!  She told me she's stocked up on some super cute new paper with lots of ideas rolling around in her head!  Can't wait to see! 
Thanks again!

And speaking of little feet, the "thud, thud" of Noah's feet were trying to escape last night.  He dragged this big backpack around with him all over the house and kept trying to get out the front door.  I bet he'd be cold outside if he actually escaped.
Silly Noah.

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