yay for dads!!

For Abe's Father's Day, Noah and I spent some time crafting a little love note to tell him how special we think he is.  I just got a blank note card and let Noah work his magic:

I found some old stickers that I've had for at least a decade and let him go crazy with those.

One of Noah's favorite things to do is tell you what to draw and you draw it.  So on a separate sheet of paper, I drew everything he asked and used that sheet to make the envelope for the card.

We added to this one of Abe's favorite treats (PopRocks) and presented it to him with a big hug and kiss!

My dear, sweet Abe
You are such an amazing dad to our little Noah and he loves and adores you so much!
As do I.

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  1. That is way to cute!!! Of course Noah is an artist, he got it from YOU!!! What an adorable card and envelope!!! You are soooooooo crafty!!!