noah cuteness

I know I say it all the time, but being a mom is the BEST!  I love it so much!  No matter if it's a good day or a bad day, Noah makes me smile, melt, laugh, feel wonderful, etc. at the very least once a day.  But it's usually a LOT more than just once.  It's so fun to be his mom!

I love when he concentrates.

He gets so into his games sometimes, it's adorable.

I love how he plays.

Today he walked around with this pirate patch on all morning and every time he saw me, he'd say"Aaaarrrrggg!"

I love how much he laughs.

He thought he was so funny drinking his milk out of a fry sauce cup at a local fast food joint.

Lately he's been talking so much more and really putting sentences together.
This morning as he wandered around with his pirate patch on, he'd say,
"Momma....  where aaarrre yoooouuu?"
Then he would giggle.

He has his own little language for things, which is really an entire post all to itself (stay tuned for that).
But one of my favorite examples would have to be
"owie barf".
It took me a good long time to figure out what he was saying.  Turns out that
owie barf = granola bar.
Seriously??  Hilarious.

I love this kid.

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  1. He is soooooooooooo cute!!! The Ayalas love Noah too!!! I can't believe how good he is at stacking blocks? Owie Barf sounds like a delicious granola bar!!! Yuck!!! Kids are so funny when they use their own language!!!