noah's room and a feature in TIME magazine

So I know in my last post I said I'd have my next post up in a week, but....  I didn't.  What a crazy month!  My brother has moved in with us temporarily, school has started so I'm watching my niece, Della, again, and... I have some wonderfully fabulous news that's making me go cookoo that I will share with you in the next few weeks!

A feature in TIME

So... first things first, I have to share some very exciting news I woke up to today.  I got a message from a fellow Etsy seller that Etsy was featured in TIME Magazine and my shop was mentioned specifically!!!  Click HERE to see for yourselves!
What happy news and I'm so flattered to be mentioned!  Especially when there are sooooooo many darling shops that fit into the Family & Kids category!  Yay for great publicity!!

A tour of Noah's room

So the other thing I was planning on showing you is a few pictures of how my artwork has been displayed.  Hopefully this will give you ideas and some courage to decorate with fun and happy artwork.
Noah's room is FULL of artwork!  I have the originals hanging all over and he loves it!  He talks and points and names and sings songs about all of the artwork in his room.  Not only is it cute and fun, but it's a real learning tool for kids.
Here are the photos (click on photos to enlarge):

Here I have displayed the construction set.
I used frames made of "reclaimed" looking wood.  Super cute!

Here is the rescue set.

I used matching black frames for these, though I have a friend who framed them in white and that looked fabulous too!

Here are six of the animals.

I LOVE how this grouping turned out!  These originals are 11x14 so they are a little bigger than my usual 8x10 size.  I used unfinished wood frames and stained them with a dark walnut color.

Here's a photo from a lovely customer who was so kind to send me pictures of how the prints she purchased look in her baby nursery.

This is my very favorite way to frame the prints!  With bright white matting and black frames, I think they really pop!
Thank you, Jennifer, for the darling photos!

The sale on sets is still going on at the shop, but not for too much longer!
Only a few more days!!
So head on over to the shop and get a head start on Christmas this year!


  1. You are famous!! So cool!
    When do you want to get together? I would love to hang sometime :)....soon!

  2. That is so cool!! Noah's room is so cute. You are so talented.

  3. So happy I happened upon your site on Etsy when decorating Elliott's nursery! I know I said it about 4 times in my email, but I LOVE the prints in his room...and even better, E does too. He's only 3 months, but already part of our morning routine includes greeting the animals above his changing pad. Thank you, thank you for sharing your talent :-) -Jennifer

  4. Wow!!! Time Magazine??? That is AWESOME!!! Way to go!!! Noah's room is amazing!!! I love it!!! I can't wait to hear your wonderfully exciting news!!! My mind is going crazy trying to figure out what it is???

  5. I was trying to figure out what your wonderfully, fabulous news was. . . Hehehe. . I'm so excited!!!!! Oh and I'm super excited about the Time magazine article!

  6. That is soooo great! Congratulations!
    And such extra cute artwork in Noah's room. Just darling.