new items and set sale deadline

Hello!  Yes, I'm blogging again and 3 weeks haven't even passed by!
I'm starting to get back into the swing of things and it feels really great!
So... I finally have my little birthday cards listed for sale in the shop!

My sweet sister who lives far, far away on the east coast has been asking to buy some for so long and I am just now getting around to posting them.  So thank you, Jensina, for the motivational "push"!  I needed it!

They come in a set of 6 (3 blondes and 3 brunettes) or in singles.  And they all come with coordinating Kraft brown envelopes!  I don't know what it is about Kraft paper, but I LOVE it!  So cute!

You can find the cards for sale HERE.

I also have more paper products coming soon, but those will probably not make they're debut for another few weeks.  But they are DARLING, if I do say so myself!  I guess that's a good thing, right?  You'd better love what you sell or you probably won't be able to sell it!

And as far as the current Set Sale, it will be ending VERY soon so you'd better hurry!
It will be ending this week! 
Wednesday, Sept 1st is the last day
 and you'll have until 9pm MST
that night to make your final purchases with the sale prices!
That's the latest I can go because a gal needs her beauty rest!
So click HERE for the Set Sale!

It has been a very successful sale (excited squeal!) and we are most grateful to all of you for your wonderful support, encouragement and kind words!  Thank you, thank you!  I love being a "working artist" and that's only possible when you actually sell your artwork and are motivated to keep creating!  So thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!

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