happy birthday to me (31!) and a camping trip

Abe's family has had a long tradition of camping at a little place called Lyman Lake hidden in the Uintas.  They do this every year over Labor Day weekend.  Well, being as my birthday is the 5th of September, it always lands on or around Labor Day weekend.  So...  I get to have a new birthday tradition!  I get to be surrounded by Abe's family, extended family and family friends in a beautiful mountain hideaway all the while being serenaded with "Happy Birthday" and feasting upon lovely cake experimentations.  (last year was a twinkie cake, this year a half smashed lemon cake... both delicious!). 
And while I don't particularly enjoy freezing my tooties off (it's cold up there this time of year) in a tent on my birthday, I wouldn't trade the experience!  It has truly made my last few birthdays very memorable and it always brings a smile to my face when I think of them.
I'm very lucky to have such wonderful in-laws.  And I don't say this just because they might read this.  I truly mean it.  They are sweet, kind, loving, supportive, fun, silly and I really feel so lucky to have them in my life!
With that said, here are some pictures:
(click to enlarge)

Dirty faces are a must while camping

Abe, Noah and cousin Charlotte out on the lake

Fun with cousins

Some of the group

More cousin fun

Noah and I getting warm by the fire

Jumping on the air mattress in the tent in hopes of warming up!

A fun and very short little camping trip!  We ended up leaving the next day, cutting our trip short, due to plummeting temperatures.  So I spent the night of my birthday in my warm, comfy bed at home!
In shop news, get ready for a super fun Halloween series of prints coming very soon!


  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! What a fun tradition!!! I have heard that Lake Lyman is amazing! How did you get Noah to stay asleep in a tent? Dean and I had problems with Davis sleeping in a tent on every camping trip this year!!! It looks like a fun trip! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!