holiday craziness

What happens that makes the holidays so darn crazy??  I swear to you that Abe and I really don't have hardly any parties to attend, we barely do any Christmas shopping, so why are we running around like nutty chickens??

Abe has so much work piled up every day (for which we are most thankful!), but such an odd time of year for a carpenter to be so busy!  So I've been feeling like a single mom lately.  It's so hard being without my sweet husband all day long and then all evening long too.  At least we get an hour or so at night before bed.  Sometimes more, so I'm not complaining.  Just missing him.  And so is Noah.

And in the midst of all the husbandless, holiday crazy, Noah decided to embrace the "Terrible Two's".  I've said it to friends and family, his head has been spinning like Linda Blair on The Exorcist!  He has literally sent me into sobbing lumps on the floor on several occasions.  Yes, I'm embarrassed to admit that, but there you have it. 

I'm sure it's compounded by my pregnancy.  I'm so emotional and very short tempered these days.  It's been 4 weeks of this and he's finally starting to calm down and become his normal, sweet, lovable self again.  I think probably lots of prayers, venting, and parenting books have helped me to not completely go insane.  I have missed my sweet Noah dearly.

Just wanted to throw you all an unsolicited update.  I keep getting so far behind on my blogging!  In the works are a post about our Thanksgiving shenanigans, a baby name, and some Christmas-y fun!
I'm promising a lighter note for the rest of the holidays!

And a note to let you know the BOGO Sale is still happening, but not for too much longer!

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  1. You are rights the holidays are crazy!!! I am sure they are extra crazy when you have to be alone most of the days and evenings!!! That is not fun! You are a trooper! I am glad that Noah is doing a little better! Kids sure do know how to push all of your buttons!