thanksgiving in st. george.... and a dirty Santa?

Every other year we go down south to St. George, UT to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family.  We headed down the Tuesday before Turkey Day, one day early to beat the "record breaking" storm that was passing through that ended up not being that crazy.  That's ok, we were glad to avoid driving in any level of bad weather.

Here's Noah showing off his new hat and gloves that we purchased just before we left:

He loves wearing them!

We had such a great time in St. George!  Just hanging out, playing games until the wee hours of the morning, doing puzzles, shopping, eating and relaxing!

Here's Noah at Thanksgiving dinner:

You can tell he's thrilled.
The only stuff Noah is ever thrilled to eat are treats.

The night after Thanksgiving, we went to Tuahcahn to visit Santa and see the lights.
I'm not sure how Noah felt about Santa this year:

All I know is my two-year-old looks GIANT on Santa's knee. 
And then I noticed how nasty and ratty Santa's chair is!  Yuck!  Somebody give poor Santa a new chair!

Here we are right after Santa at the fire:

You can tell by my cherry bulb nose that it was pretty chilly!

And a shot with the Christmas tree:


And then my favorite kind of shot, the cousins:

It's so cute how all their personalities shine through!
Noah had so much fun with his cousins and they all play so well with him and take good care of him!  Such sweet kids, we love them so!

And just before we left, we decided to do a picture with Santa with just us girls:

  This is my mom, three of my sisters and me. 

The best part is this:
Right after the pictures were taken, Santa reached down, patted my boobs and asked me, "So what would you like for Christmas?" 
Yes, I just got felt up by Santa. 
I quickly got up and told Santa I'd like for this baby to come while showing him my big pregnant belly.  See, usually a big pregnant belly sends any man running... I'm sure that counts for dirty old Santas...??
Anyway, I'm 70% sure it was an accident, but it was so blatant that's it's hard to say. 
But it sure had us all in giggles and makes for a great story!

Hope all of your Thanksgivings were as memorable as mine!


  1. I LOVE all of the pictures! Your family is so cute! I am glad to see that Noah didn't cry on dirty Santas lap! I am excited to see what Davis will do this year? And as for your crazy story!!! That is hilarious! I am impressed you stayed so calm! I think I would have jumped up and ran away!!!

  2. I guess Santa gets what he wants for Christmas too!
    Cute pics of your cute family. Sisters are the best!