our christmas fun... a little late

We've been enjoying (and not so enjoying) a little hiatus here at home. 
Enjoying a little time off work and lots of time with family. 
And not so enjoying a house full of illness and

With that said, I wanted to show a little of our Christmas fun from a few weeks ago.

Here's some cookie tree fun with Noah's cousins, Hunter and Zack:

Here is the night before Christmas reading of the nativity with Grandma and Grandpa Carlsruh:

Putting the oats and glitter on the lawn for Santa's reindeer:
(we didn't get more snow until the day after Christmas)

Noah got to open his traditional Christmas Eve jammies before bed:
Monsters this year.

Abe and I opened our traditional Christmas Eve game:

And now for lovely Christmas morning, puffy-eye pictures!!

Noah enjoying his stash of fun:

Abe seemed happy about his gift cards:

What pregnant woman wouldn't want a spa giftcard??
(please ignore the dark circles around my eyes... another thing to blame on pregnancy)

And Abe got us both some iPod shuffles:

Well that's about it for our gifts.  We tend to be minimalists when it comes to Christmas, so you may wonder what's with all the boxes under our tree.
Well I had a friend ask me about that last year so I'll be telling you all about it next post.  It's a rather fun thing we do and decided to make it a tradition.

But for the rest of the day, we hung out with Abe's family and had such a fun time!  I truly love this time of year!

And one last picture...
Noah sporting his adorable Monkey hat from Grandma Eve:
It's his favorite thing lately!  He wears it all the time.  So cute!

Hope you all enjoyed your Holidays!


  1. I LOVE THE NEW GAME TRADITION! I may have to adopt that one!!! Cute pictures.