silly christmas tradition

Before I get to our silly Christmas tradition, I promised a post with some detail of the tree decor, so here ya go...

I always thought I wanted a themed tree until I noticed how much Noah loved looking at all the different ornaments on Grandma and Grandpa Carlsruh's tree.  So I changed it up and now every ornament is different.
I have to say, I love this tree the most so far and it's so fun to collect neat little ornaments throughout the year.

Here's a few of my favorites:
It's hard to pick out favorites when the whole tree is full of them!

And now for our silly tradition!

I love the look of lots of presents under the tree and I can still do a theme with my wrapping paper.

You can see last year's theme HERE.

And for 2010 I used newspaper.  I know it sounds weird, but I LOVED the way it turned out!
Here it is:

It turned out to be somewhat of a challenge trying to avoid gruesome headlines and crazy pictures.  And... I still ended up with a few cooky headlines, but I loved how they looked with the bright red ribbon and the tree tags!

the silly part
So, in the last post I mentioned that we are minimalists when it comes to presents at Christmas so it must seem strange to have so many packages under the tree.
Well, Christmas 2009 I decided to have a plethora of packages because: a) I LOVE wrapping presents, b) it's fun to have a wrapping paper theme and c) it's so cute to have a pile of gifts under the tree!   So instead of shopping us into debt, I thought I'd just wrap some empty boxes.  As I was gathering the boxes, I had the funny idea to just put random silly things inside so we could have a few laughs Christmas morning.  Abe had no idea, so that's what happened.  Christmas morning, we laughed as Abe opened all the silly presents and found things like toilet paper, old Halloween candy, light bulbs, etc.  Turned out that Abe loved it and suggested we make it a tradition.  And so we did it again this year, only I gave half the boxes to Abe to fill so I could be surprised too.
So this year I got some things like soap, some quarters, old candy, a picture of a barn (that we dream of having one day) and other silly things.

Abe got some yarn, a can of tuna, some preggie pops, this lovely portrait of me that my mom painted years ago and more funny stuff.

It really is such a fun tradition for us and hopefully we'll get more and more creative as the years go by.  It's our own little white elephant gift exchange every Christmas!  Good times.

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  1. Wow! That picture of you is amazing!!! I need to hire you to wrap our presents that cute! I love it!!!