Lola turns 1

My little Lola is

March 20, 2012

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by!
Lola is such a sweet little girl.  She is very laid back and calm, unless.... she gets annoyed by something.  And then you'd better watch out, because she's very strong!

 Lola wasn't super into getting her pictures taken.  But we managed to get a few after we gave her a lollipop.

I worked for months on the decorations and party favors.  Not that it took months, just that I could do little bits here and there.  I worked on the stuff for Noah's party as well since  his birthday comes shortly after.

Her Aunt Brandy doing her little girl hair.

Soooo much of our family was able to come since they happened to be in town and/or available that day.  It was a huge crowd and a whole lot of fun!  

Noah sure had fun with all of his cousins!

Lola is 100% a Daddy's girl.  She LOVES her Daddy.  And Abe loves being her first choice!  I love it too, it's so sweet.

Thanks everyone who came and helped us celebrate Lola's first birthday!

Here's a newborn picture and a one year picture.
My how she's grown up!

Happy Birthday Sweet Lola!

Thank you sooo much to my dear, sweet friend Mandy for taking these gorgeous pictures for me!

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