Our Gratitude Week

Now I realize it was Thanksgiving this week so perfect timing for a week of gratitude.  However, that's not what sparked it for us.  Abe and I have been having a hard time with various life issues that are nearly completely out of our hands, so we decided we needed to change things the only way we knew how.  We decided to change our attitudes.  Abe and I came to the conclusion that we need to be actively grateful throughout each day to turn things around.  Then we got an idea from my nephew, Braden's, talk he gave in church for his mission farewell.  We decided we would only give thanks in our prayers and not ask for anything for a full week.  Even when blessing the food!  And WOW!  Things started to turn around almost immediately!  And we have felt much better, much happier, even much healthier!  So if you're ever in a slump and nothing is going your way, try counting your blessings throughout the day for a while and just watch what happens. :)

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