gotta have Christmas morning pictures

What a fun Christmas we had!  Noah is at that super fun age where you can get him next to nothing (though we probably still got him too much) and he loves it no matter what!
Here's Noah in his new jammies with his stash...
Gotta love the bed head and puffy eye pics!  Abe and I showing off our Christmas socks...

And then... the day after Christmas is one of my fav's because this is what it looks like:
A complete disaster!  I LOVE the messy house right after the celebrations!  That may sound strange, but those are some of the best memories of growing up.  Playing with all your new toys amongst boxes and wrapping paper.  He played there for at least two hours!

Certainly one of the happiest kids I know.  I'm such a lucky mom!
I hope everyone's Christmas was as joyful as mine. :)
Happy New Year!

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