fun new stuff

Hello all!  Some fun new stuff is all about us here at Pickled Pumpkins headquarters!

First, I'd like to brag about my husband's amazing carpentry skills.  Here is a bed he's working on that his sister has ordered:  (this photo shows it mid-topcoat process)
I love that I have a husband that can do this kind of stuff!

And here is a new arrival in my home:
Love, LOVE this artist!  This print is called Mother and Son by Lisa Hurwitz.  She is truly amazing!  Here is her shop and you can pull up her blog here.

And last, but not least... here is a new painting I finished that I just love:
Her name is Bitty Bird and I'm thinking she may appear in more than one painting. 
This one is called Bitty Bird's New Shoes.
You can find the print available for purchase in the shop!
Happy weekend!

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  1. Katie, I love Bitty Bird! Those tiny legs inside the big shoes remind me of Brandy when she was in kindergarten. So cute.