spring is in the air

A few weeks ago, my husband's grandfather kindly pruned all of our trees.  (He's 81, mind you.)  He worked very hard on it for days.  I don't know why he works so hard for us.  I hope it's because he's bored and this brings him enjoyment.  It's the only thing I can tell myself that helps me to not feel so guilty about it.
Anyway, he was so cute and thoughtful to save me some of the branches from the apricot tree and told me if I put them in water, they'll bloom around Easter time.  He calls them "Easter Trees".  And sure enough...

So pretty!

Speaking of pretty, look who's pretty in pink!  Well, those pudgy cankles and bread-loaf feet don't belong to any sweet little girl with a pink bow in her hair to match...
They belong to my Noah.
He loves to put on shoes, but he especially loves to put on cousin Della's pretty pink shoes.
He wore them all day.  And she's so sweet to let him.  Good thing he got a haircut later that afternoon, he was looking quite pretty. 

And if you remember this post, we delivered the bed my husband made safe and sound.  Here's a picture of it in their room (sans the bedding).  I think it looks amazing!  He's so talented!  I can't wait for Abe to make us one.  But not until our second floor is finished (remodeling a 100 year old home takes a LONG time) and we have a place to put it.  One day, one day...

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