some new things

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now.  Abe (the husband) has been busy making some fun shelves and I've been helping with the painting and sanding.  They are so lovely, I've already put my dibs on a few to keep here at the house.  But we can only have so many decorative shelves in our home, so.... we've been listing them in Pickled Pantry shop!  We've already sold one and Abe has so many more that we haven't posted yet.  He's such a talented carpenter and they are tunring out so beautifully!

Aqua shelf with lime green undercoat:

Black shelf with aqua undercoat and rope molding:

Aqua shelf with dental molding and an antique finish:

Aqua ribbon spool with lime green undercoat:

He has lots of colors available and more styles that we haven't posted yet.

I'm so lucky!  My husband can make ANYTHING!!
Well....,  almost.

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