baby name!

What's in a name?
When Abe and I found out I was pregnant with Noah, we had a bit of a hard time agreeing on a name.  I, of course, pulled out my list I had been adding to since the third grade and we started going down the list.  We picked a girl name and a boy name.
Noah was the first boy name on my list that we both agreed on.  And his middle name is Harris, which is fun because that's my maiden name as well as Abe's grandpa's name who lives next door.
As far as the girl name we had chosen, we loved it.  But as soon as we started trying for baby #2, for some reason we changed our minds and chose a totally different girl name and could not settle on a boy name at all.  Luckily this upcoming arrival is a girl... or so they tell me.  You can read about my doubts in this post.  We also decided that we liked the family name idea.
So for this baby girl that loves to jump on my bladder, we chose:

Lola Grace

We chose Lola after my great aunt on my dad's side. 
This is my Aunt Lola on the left:
She is the one pointing at the camera.  So cute!
(click on photo to enlarge)

I LOVE this picture!  Look at that fridge in the background!  And their clothes!  So fantastic!
With Lola is her husband, George Rapich, and my grandma Mildred Bosta, who is George's sister.
George and my grandma (my dad's mother) are Croatian or Slavic from what used to be Yugoslavia.  My sweet Aunt Lola hails from Rexburg, Idaho. 
She and George had such a fun relationship.  I have fond memories of them teasing each other, but always following up with a kiss or saying something sweet to each other.  My dad remembers her as always being so pleasant to be around and just a very good natured person.  She was witty with a great sense of humor.
I always loved to say her name as a kid and had a real fondness for her and George growing up.  She was such a lovely woman and I think it's a beautiful name.  Luckily Abe loves the name too!

We chose Grace after Abe's great grandmother:
She is Abe's dad's, dad's mother.  It's her bloodline that Abe gets his Jewish heritage from.
Yes, my quiet, blond haired, blue eyed husband is a quarter Jewish.  Clearly he does not take after his dad's side much.
Abe only met Grace a few times since she lived in Milwaukee.  She loved entertaining and was an accomplished artist, which was extra fun for me to learn!  She was very proper and loved to entertain.  She was also a very gracious woman and made sure everyone was well taken care of. 
Another beautiful lady and another beautiful name.
We are so excited to welcome our little Lola Grace into our home.
Now I've just got to get passed the nightmares I have that we did all this prep with girlie bedding and pink dresses and bows for a baby girl only to come home with a little boy!  And no little boy name to boot!
I guess it would make for a funny story... much later.


  1. Oh my gosh! I love the name! That's the one we were thinking about for Carly but put it on the back burner. It's Joseph's aunt's name also and I love family names! But don't worry, who knows if we'll have another girl and if we do I've got a name in waiting already so Lola is #2 on the list. ;) Good pick! I can totally see you with a Noah and a Lola.

    By the way...I've TOTALLY been missing you lately! Have you read this? (you probably have) www.seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com I think she is ending her sight so go check it out quick! It totally reminded me of us joking around about all the stupid girls who came into Rezutls when we worked together. ha ha!

  2. I LOVE that name!!! It is adorable and I love that it has meaning!!! I was afraid that Afton was going to be a boy too, but she definitely came out a girl!!! The nurse at the hospital said she had worked there 18 years and had never seen a doctor get the gender wrong. So if I were you I would definitely get geared up to meet your little lady!!! She will be so cute!