Noah turned 3!

I can't believe my little boy is 3 already!
I know I say it too much, but time really does go by so super fast!
Noah's birthday was on April 1st.  He was lucky enough to have two birthday parties!  One at Grandma Eve's on March 31st with Abe's family where Aunt Kate made him this amazing under-the-sea themed cake that he's still talking about.  And where he got so spoiled with presents and attention... and where I forgot my camera.  
And one at our house on his actual birthday with my family.  We decided to do two seperate parties because I just had a baby and can only handle small crowds right now.  Turns out that two parties made this birthday extra special which is just what a 3 year old adjusting to a new baby sister needs.

So here it is in pictures:

Noah devouring his birthday cupcake

part of the crowd
we had a yummy pasta bar and cupcakes

Here are just a FEW of his many presents! 
(Thanks, everyone, for spoiling my kid!  It's so fun!)

lots of playdoh!  Noah loves this stuff

new crayons for the budding artist

of course... Lightening McQueen
(don't worry, his pants are wet because we spilled water)

also, of course... anything Toy Story

gotta have a new ball and bat for summer

and Mr. Potato Head was feeling lonely, so he got the Mrs.
(don't mind me, I'm on percocet!)

a toy camera (pronounced:  kwamwa) and phone

And so much more!  Seriously... so much.  Noah is such a lucky little kid!  He had so much fun playing for hours with his cousins, who take such good care of him!
He is so loved and spoiled by his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents!  And the older he gets, the more friends and loved ones he aquires too! 
Abe and I feel so blessed to have all of you in our lives.  There is no better feeling than when other people love your kids!  Really!  It means so much to Abe and I, and of course to Noah. 
Thank you all for making this birthday so special for Noah!

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  1. Wow! You are amazing! I honestly can't believe that you had that huge party at your house just 8 days after having a baby! I could never do that! What is not to love about Noah? We adore him over here and Davis just keeps asking when he gets to play with him again! I am glad he had a great birthday and yes our boys are growing up sooooooo fast!!!